We provide complete construction solutions. The majority of our contracts are ‘design & build’ projects. We are involved in each stage of the project, from architectural design, planning approval and construction. We also provide building maintenance and facility management solutions. This holistic approach delivers cost-effectiveness, streamlines project management and shortens construction timelines.

  1. The company focus on the Acquisition , Development, Constructions of both residential and commercial real estate.
  2. We engage in construction of Roads, Rail-lines, bridges, drainage.
  3. We engage in Building of houses, Real estate, Shopping malls, Shopping complex, School, Hospitals, Stadium, Church, Mosque.
  4. We do business of production of all kinds of blocks, ring, interlocks, marbles, suppliers of all kinds of sands, cements, woods, clay, brick, concrete, ceramic glass, rock, thatch, brush, sand other related to building and construction materials.
  5. We engage in property developer and property management, such as Houses, malls, shopping, church, mosque and real estate.
  6. public private partnership initiative.
  7. To do and business which in the opinion of the directors is profitable or advantage to the company whether or not incidental conducive to the above objects.
  8. To act as an agent or manager in carrying on any business concern and undertaking.
  9. To undertake and perform sub contracts and to carry other business in connector with the all mentioned business in our company profile that are customarily or usually carried on in connection therewith or naturally incident thereto and to enter into any contracts.