TNT Investment owners of JADEK FARMS is invouled in a variety of Agro Products and services as listed below:

  1. We do business of agricultural products, crops, livestock, such as Poultry and poultry products, diary and diary products, fishery and fishery products, forestry and forestry products, pigry and pigry products, farm management, horticulture and horticultural products.
  2. We engage in farm produced such as Crop and goods, fruits and vegetable, meats, grain, oats, cashew nut, cocoa, coffee, cassava, maize, rice, beans etc.
  3. We engage in marketing, distributing, buying, and selling import and export of all Agricultural raw and finished materials.
  4. We engage in Animal rearing such as Cows, goats, camel, donkey, fowls etc.